The beneficiaries

2dkubplaAlpai Ourou-Dada, Togo

Mrs Alpai Ourou-Dada is a young Togolese mother who sells corn, yam, honey and coal on the market of Agoé Assiyeyé. She gets her supplies at the centre of the country, where she travels four times a month. She sells up to 10 bags of coal a day on the market of Agoé. Mrs Alpai employs several workers that help her manage her stock. She earns a monthly profit ranging from US$ 40 to US$ 50 which allows her, among other, to send her children to the school.

qofg4c6bArgueta Mendez, El Salvador

Mrs Andrea Argueta Mendez owns a “pulperia” located in San Miguel, a city 160 km from San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. She sells “pupusas”, a traditional type of Salvadoran “tacos or pizzas”.

 Her first loan was used to buy furniture to make her shop more inviting. With her second loan, she bought a table to prepare a larger number of “pupusas” and an oven to cook the meat. Today, she is able to employ two workers who help increase her sales. Her profits enabled her to build a wall and a fence around her house to keep her family safer.

jr93ex65Suzanne Djidonou, Benin

Mrs Suzanne Djidonou manages a small hardware store in the district of Akpakpa in Cotonou, Benin. She buys her supplies in Lome (Togo) or in neighbouring Nigeria and retails them to her customers. To finance the purchase of her stock, she decided to use the services of PADME, a FIG member. Her first loan amounted to CHF 231. Today, after making regular repayments, she gets loans of more than CHF 5’000. Thanks to her experience and knowledge of her customers, she succeeds in managing her stock efficiently. Moreover, all her profits are reinvested in her business.

b4295hnwAdoulaye Lankoande, Burkina Faso

Adoulaye Lankoande makes furniture for NGOs, for the government and for a centre for the eradication of illiteracy.

He has been working with ABF, a member of the FIG, for the past 5 years. He obtained a loan of FCFA 300’000 to purchase materials. He only asks for credit when he has confirmed orders, and thus avoids getting into debt. He currently employs three people.