The strengthening of the economic role of women in Nicaragua

Founded in Nicaragua in 1989, ADIM, for Asociación Alternativa para el Desarrollo Integral de las Mujeres, adopted the mission of contributing to the autonomy of the poor women in the rural and peripheral town areas of the country.

The proposal to offer services of microfinance with a gender approach came from a group of women based in Masaya, “The flower city”, situated at about twenty kilometres from Managua, the capital of the country. These women had already developed a leadership within their communities as a consequence of their work as micro-entrepreneurs: it is quite naturally that ADIM arose from them.

ADIMThe typical customer of ADIM is between 45 and 60 years old, is poor and, nevertheless, is the only source of income of her family. This, thanks to the activities which she succeeded in developing out of her own initiative. The average amount of the granted loans is close to USD 300, which is low for Latin American standards. Through this policy of modest loans, ADIM succeeds in reaching a bigger number of poor potential clients.

The FIG supports ADIM, since 2007, allowing it to obtain credits from local banks. The borrowed money offers to the final beneficiaries the opportunity to develop their economic activities in the domains of commerce, small businesses, services and farming.

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