Board of Directors

deogratias-nyonkuruPresident: Deogratias Nionkuru, Burundi

An agro-economical engineer, he founded the Burundian NGO Appui au Développement Intégral et à la Solidarité sur les Collines (ADISCO), a benchmark in the strengthening of the Burundian rural sector with its programs in support of integrated family farming and innovation.

philippe-eggerPhilippe Egger, Switzerland

Director of the Bureau of Programming and Management of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). A staff member of the ILO since 1985, Philippe Egger has been involved for many years in development work in the South, mainly in the areas of employment policies and labour market issues. He has also dealt with the access to credit for small and micro businesses.

daniel-finoDaniel Fino, Switzerland

Professor and researcher at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, since 1980. His fields of expertise are international cooperation and management of aid for development. He heads the International Master’s degree in Development Studies (IMAS) program since 2003.

alfred-geigerAlfred Geiger, Switzerland

Head of the Special Situations Group at Raiffeisen Switzerland, since 1988, he has participated in more than 30 international cooperation missions for Swiss Contact and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in Latin America, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Russia, focusing on guarantees and loan methodologies and regulations.

Pascasie Kana, Burundi

Graduated of University Degree of Psychology teacher, Pascasie Kana has experience with financial institutions and, since 1994, she’s the founder of an organisation (OAP) to develop a microcredit system. She works in defence of human rights, especially of young refugees, women and orphans.

patricia-padillaPatricia Del Carmen Padilla Lopez, Nicaragua

A psychologist and educator, Mrs Padilla López is the Director of ADIM, a microfinance institution which deals with the advancement of women entrepreneurs. She is also a founder and National Coordinator of the Nicaraguan gender network RENMIFEG.

armando_gutierrezArmando Gutierrez Navarro, Nicaragua

Managing Director of the Nicaraguan Fund for Community Development (PRESTANIC), a microfinance institution. He is also the founder of the organization “Habitat para la Humanidad en Nicaragua”.

Armel Ntwari, Burundi

Managing Director for Development Interpeople Financeoperation (DIFO), Armel Ntwari has a management and administration University Degree, he handle the representation before third parties, the search for financing, the strategy definition and the management in general.

wilson-salmeron Wilson Salméron, El Salvador

An agricultural engineer with a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in economy; during his 24 year-long career, he has held both technical and managerial positions. At present he is the Executive Director and Founder of AMC of R.L., a cooperative of credits and savings founded in 2000.